How to Bust Myths About Personal Injury Lawyers

Perhaps there’s no profession more misunderstood than that of a lawyer. They fill a vital role in our society and for us as individuals, but because the subject matter of lawsuits is often very personal, it’s important to choose the right attorney.

With all the misconceptions floating around, how can you feel confident in your choice? Follow the tips below to learn how you can bust myths about personal injury lawyers and make a decision that works best for you.

Common Myths About Personal Injury Lawyers

There are articles all over the internet about the top myths concerning personal injury lawyers. Perhaps you’ve thought about a few of these for yourself. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • “I have insurance, so I don’t need to consult with a personal injury lawyer.”

  • “Hiring a personal injury attorney is too expensive. I can’t afford it.”

  • “My injury claim is too small to need a personal injury lawyer.”

  • “My case will take too long to finish and I’ll never get compensated.”

  • “Personal injury lawyers don’t care about me; they care about my money.”

  • “The larger the firm, the larger my settlement will be. I shouldn’t work with a small firm.”

They’re common worries that people have and there are several articles out there that explain why these may not be true, but wouldn’t you rather find out the best plan for yourself and for your specific case?

The good news is that you can! With a bit of research, you can take any belief you have about personal injury law and figure out whether it’s fact or fiction.

With a bit of research, you can find the facts about personal injury lawyers

3 Tips for Debunking Personal Injury Myths

Many of the myths surrounding personal injury law are created because a few poorly handled cases get far more attention than the many cases where the victim gets the help they need. If the majority of what you know about personal injury comes from friends’ stories or stereotypical commercials, take some time to find out the facts for yourself:

1. Research Similar Cases to Yours

There are so many factors that determine what a personal injury case may look like, including the severity of the injury, who was involved, and when and where it happened. If you want to get a feel for what you can expect with your case, try researching cases that line up closely to yours.

What did the injured individual do? How did their lawyer handle the case? How long did it take to settle? Take note of questions like these and try to sample several stories. While every case is as unique as the individual involved, this preliminary research can give you a good feel for what to expect. You may also pick up a few tips that you wouldn’t otherwise know going into the process.

2. Research Lawyers in Your Area

It’s easy for people to spread myths about personal injury when they’ve never had to deal with a crisis themselves. But, just like reviews of a business are more trustworthy than the marketing copy a business uses, reviews of local lawyers can provide immensely useful feedback.

All the accolades and awards don't mean as much as reviews about local lawyers

Think about what matters most to you. Are you trying to settle as quickly as possible? Are you willing to have a longer case for the possibility of a higher payout? Are you looking for a personable lawyer you can trust throughout the process? Think about your priorities as you research reviews on local firms. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to find a few lawyers whose reviews bust the myths you would otherwise believe. This step will also give you a good list of lawyers to contact if you decide to move forward with your case.

3. Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer

Because of the nature of a personal injury case, one of the most important factors to consider is how you feel about the lawyer. You need to be able to trust them and trust that they’re looking out for your best interest. One of the best ways to get a feel for these factors is to simply talk to a personal injury lawyer for yourself.

Search for personal injury lawyers in your area and, if possible, schedule an appointment to meet with them and ask them your questions. You may be surprised as how quickly you develop a gut feeling for the attorney. If a lawyer has the best reviews and a professional website but doesn’t feel genuine and compassionate when you speak to them, that will filter into the way your case goes and is a red flag to consider. When you meet someone who makes you feel confident and cared for, that will mean far more than any bad story you may have heard.

What Myths Do You Need to Bust?

Who knows: After due diligence researching similar cases, local reviews, and lawyers in your area, you may decide you don’t need an attorney after all. If you decide you do need an attorney, you’ll have already completed most of the research you need to do to choose the right one for your case.

By taking the steps above, you can feel confident in your decision as you seek out the best solution for you.

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