When an accident or injury happens to you or someone you know, the outcome can be devastating – pain and suffering, lost wages, and growing medical bills are just a few of the situations that may arise. Going through an injury related accident can be, and usually is, life-altering, and Dan Baylard will provide the personal and professional attention you need. He will work hard to determine who is legally responsible whether that be an individual, a business, or the insurance company that denied your claim. And he will fight harder to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Settlement versus Lawsuit

We understand that you may want to avoid having to go to court, and Dan has been able to settle most cases without the need for a trial. Many disputes involving fault can be resolved through an early settlement rather than a formal lawsuit. Dan will negotiate the terms and get you the fairest payment possible. However, if court is the only way to obtain just recovery for your injury and damages, he will prepare and present a persuasive case. Unlike criminal court, in which the government acts as the prosecution, you, the plaintiff, initiate a personal injury case. Anyone can file a lawsuit, but an experienced personal injury lawyer like Dan Baylard understands negligence, and he will support your complaint with proof as he adequately demonstrates the ways in which the defendant’s careless or irresponsible actions caused you harm.

Not sure if you have a case?

Consult with an attorney. Whether you were rear-ended during rush hour or you suspect medical malpractice caused you harm, a personal injury lawsuit requires an in-depth understanding of the law and its processes. We know the law, and we have recovered millions of dollars for injured people and their families – if we can help you, we will.

Limited Time to File

Each state has different rules on the deadline to file, and it is most likely that the court will refuse to hear your case if you are too late. The statute of limitations in Missouri is five years, and in Kansas it is only two. If you are considering filing a personal injury lawsuit, call the Baylard Law Office, LLC for a free initial consultation.

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