Car crash with auto accident injuries

With the millions of drivers on the road today, it is no surprise that automobile accidents comprise the largest portion of personal injury claims. Most car accidents occur as a result of someone’s negligent or reckless actions, either by failing to pay attention, driving inappropriately for the conditions or any other numerous actions by a negligent driver. Additionally, malfunctions on a vehicle can cause a serious accident.

At The Baylard Law Office, LLC, our car accident attorney handles all types of auto accident cases. From minor rear-end car collisions to serious accidents resulting in traumatic brain injuries, catastrophic injuries or wrongful death, Dan Baylard has the experience and track record you can count on.

We believe every case is important and deserves our personal attention because we understand that a car accident can affect your life in more ways than can be imagined. As a result of someone else’s negligent choices, you or your family member may have to endure physical and emotional pain and suffering, long rehabilitation, and, most often as is the case, a new financial burden created by medical bills and lost wages. We understand your situation, and we are here to help you get through this crisis so you get the fair, just, and proper compensation you deserve.